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This organisation doesn’t deserve to be featured in a paragraph in just any other blog but deserves an individual post to do some justice to it.
Our grandmothers and mothers grew up using cloth pads but over the years as our lives have become more fast paced and convenience is the key to feeling and being successful we have largely shifted to disposable pads.
Up until a few months ago I myself did not realise the harm I was doing to the environment with these one time use pads. I did some research and found out that each pad takes up to 400 years to fully decompose. They land up in our oceans and landfills. They leak out toxins into our groundwater and may even end up in the stomachs of innocent animals.
Women get periods every single month and it’s still considered a taboo to speak about. We need to wake up to address issues regarding sanitary waste. Whether you live in a rural or urban area – women,men,children need to start talking and discussing about Eco friendly alternatives.

Eco femme is a global women’s empowerment initiative based in the heart of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. They work in the areas of environment ,livelihood and education. To address the issues of environmental degradation they simply revived what women have been doing for centuries – using washable cloth pads.
Through the process they provide employment to local rural women. Along the way they realised that women in India have a lot of unanswered questions about menstruation. To address this issue they created a program called pad for pad. With every international purchase made they receive a small donation with which they are able to offer menstrual health education in remote villages.
On their site , apart from cloth pads they also sell shecups. These are menstrual cups which are made of silicon and prove to be an awesome alternative as well!!!

I think what they are doing is absolutely brilliant. Every girl and women in India and the world needs to speak up about issues around sanitary waste and the alternatives that are actually out there. It’s no longer okay to stay quite about it.
Ask yourself – where does the pad or tampon end up after I put it in the dustbin?!
Hopefully that thought will be enough for you to make the switch!

You can find out more about Eco femme on –

Make sure you order your alternatives today and cut down on landfill waste! 🙂