The bridge is the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala!

Yummy local snacks!!!! Who needs to buy a packet of chips when you can get these absolutely plastic free!!!
Local fisherman
I cant get enough of the green!!!!!!

Just when I was starting to feel templed out and claustrophobic in small pilgrimage towns I was transported into gods own country! Kerala! Though I took an evening bus and didn’t get to see much on the way – my first morning in Trivandrum was so worth it! I woke up to swaying swaying coconut and banana trees with salty sea breeze blowing in through the window! And what’s better? My friend (Shammi) who is currently studying in Trivandrum decided to join me on my trip for the next few places!
Trivandrum is unlike any city I’ve visited so far. The greenery is breathtaking and a build up of over 20 cars is considered a traffic jam! Everything is about 15-20 mins away and the people are extremely kind!!
On our first day we decided to go till Neyyar dam. It’s about 30km outside Trivandrum. The drive there makes you think that every postcard sold in Kerala has pictures which are taken there. I wanted to stop every 200 meters and just stare at the trees, the people, the tiny little canals and the clear blue sky!
We took a boat ride around the lake and it was amazing! There were times when I wanted to yank off my life jacket and jump into the water and swim around but after they told us there are water snakes I changed my mind! We walked around the lake but unfortunately could not go for a safari ride into the sanctuary as there weren’t enough people. We wandered into the crocodile protection centre and I was quite disappointed to see huge crocs locked up in small enclosures. After the crocodile bank in Mahabalipuram this one seemed a bit sad!

Day 2 in Trivandrum and I was ready to hit some beaches nearby. I’d heard so much about the beaches at Kovalam and I just had to see them for myself. Though this isn’t the right season but you can’t not visit a beach when you’re so close to it! We drove down till Kovalam. We sat for a few hours and enjoyed a few drinks (without straws and no plastic bottles!!! 😉 ) and some fish and chips and just sat there staring at the waves crashing against the rocks and the shore. The soothing sound of the waves almost knocked me to sleep!
We drove till Poovar after that and I got my first glimpse of the famous Kerala backwaters. Kerala and backwaters have become synonymous of one another and after seeing pictures on the internet and in books – to see it in person was just something else. We went for a 2 and a half hour ride around the backwaters and though most boat rides put me to sleep instantly (not because they’re boring but because I find the gentle rocking feeling to be very calming)  this one was different. I was wide awake throughout. We saw a large variety of birds and plants. The different shades of green were so fascinating and impossible to capture on any camera in this world. To really see and experience the backwaters one must put down the camera and soak it all in with their eyes! It must have been a while before I realised I hadn’t blinked in a while – not wanting to miss out on a single spec in paradise!
What better way to end the day than to see the sun go down while you’re gliding through the backwaters of Kerala?  It sounds like a fairy tale or something written in a fancy guide book but I guess you have to see it yourself to understand the true magic of this particular experience!
Two days in Kerala and I know I’m definitely in ” god’s own country”. This place is paradise!!

Floating villas!