directory Sunny day at Windsor!

Two weeks flew by – London, Windsor, Brighton and Bath.

http://ppllcrealty.com/avita The roman baths! With my cousin Arun 

London has always meant family and friends.With two of my best friends – Rachita and Avni living in London now it was going to be even better!! This trip I tried to explore a little outside London and ended up doing day trips to Windsor , Brighton and Bath. The entire trip was cold and wet with a day or two of sun in the middle. Every trip I take leaves me wanting more and this one did just that.

So excited that I’ll be spending another two weeks in the UK end march! 

I set out on this trip with the goal (again) of producing as little trash as possible and I thought it would be a piece of cake! Little did I know that literally everything is packaged in plastic these days and also the fact that I like to eat everything I lay my eyes on – did little to help my cause. I suddenly found myself in a land surrounded by people who love their coffees to go and straws to sip every drink (even water!!!) It was so difficult to avoid buying drinks and food that I so desperately wanted to eat! It was difficult to see friends and family consciously choose to buy plastic even after everything I spoke to them about but this is exactly what I needed – its not just about me avoiding plastic now – its about getting others to do it as well. It made me think about how I can more effectively be the catalyst of change that I wish to be.

Zero waste at Starbucks! Well almost! – could have even avoided that brown paper bag!

The main reason I visited Brighton was to go and eat at SILO. It is Uk’s first zero waste restaurant.  This restaurant creates a completely sustainable dining experience by producing ZERO waste. Right from sourcing materials locally to designing the bathrooms and infrastructure in an upcycled way – they’ve thought of it all! My favourite part was – Birtha! 

Outside Silo

Birtha is the in house composting machine! She can digest up to 60kgs of unused/wasted/uneaten food and turn it into compost in 24 hours! This is all food that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and lead to more methane in the atmosphere! 


There is so much we can learn from the concept of SILO and the from each and every one working there! There are little things we can do to make difference and we must keep doing them!

Silo’s vision statement 

Throughout my trip in the UK I kept noticing large plastic bags on the sidewalks of almost every neighbourhood. I learnt that these bags are all segregated and ready to be re used or recycled in whatever way they can be but what left me absolutely shocked was the amount of waste we generate as a society.

 The answer isn’t recycling and reusing anymore – its reducing. We can not keep going at this pace. were producing and using a lot more plastic than we can recycle and eventually even the recycled plastic will end up in a landfill. Why are we so caught up in our daily lives that we cant stop to think of a minute – we cant take out that extra second to pack a water bottle before leaving the house or tell the shopkeeper we don’t need the plastic bag. 
I have heard that the UK has one of the world’s finest waste management systems and I applaud them for that but it is now time to take a step further. It is possible to cut down on our waste. Recycling is not a sustainable solution! In the two weeks I was there I saw millions of one time use cups, bottles and boxes being thrown away. People were always rushing and running around and I feel that this fast life we’ve created for ourselves is causing so much harm for the environment and we’re so past our ecological boundaries that we don’t see it anymore.

I was able to stay away from plastic as much as possible and I’m proud of that but I know its a long journey ahead and after visiting Silo I’m more motivated to carry this forward.

A huge shoutout to my family and friends in London who made my trip so amazing! I love you all!! cant wait to show you around Sydney!!!!! 🙂

Brunching with Avni and Rachita!