Favourite experiences in England 

1) Matilda!  

The show is just fabulous! though I left my glasses at home and found myself squinting half the time – I loved it! All the kids performed soooo well!you’ll find yourself singing and tapping your feet along as the music plays. This is definitey a must see!  Thank you Bela masi for taking us!!! combine this with dinner at Five guys and you have yourself a perfect evening!!

2) Silent disco at the Shard!  

This was one of the best experiences of my life! Imagine dancing in a room full of people but theroom is actually silent! Sounds strange right? it was in the beginning but you get used to it.

So this is how it works – everyone wears a pair of headphones , there are 3 DJ’s playing different music and you can choose which DJ you want to listen to by selecting one of the three stations on your headphones. You can be dancing with people but all of you may be listening to different songs!  It looks bizarre and feels even more bizarre when you take off your headphones and Lok around you and see people dancing like theres no tomorrow but you cant hear any music! You can dance your soul out and be lost in your world and the entire evening will seem just magical as sway to the music with a view of the entire city!

3) Borough Market!
Whats not to love about food markets? from drinks, snacks, mains and desserts! this place is heaven!! make this a zero waste trip by taking your own box , mason jar and cutlery! though I was pleasantly surprised to see that alot of the places were using biodegradable bowls and spoons but they were all being dumped into the same bin as the plastics so I don’t know what good that was doing! 

4) My trip to Brighton was totally worth it! Eating at Silo had been a recent dream and Im glad I was able to tick that off my list! For all those who haven’t read the last blog – Silo is UK’s first zero waste restaurant and TOTALLY worth a visit! They don’t have a single dustbin on site and produce ZERO waste!

5) I love palaces and castles! so Windsor felt like a fairytale! for all those who like getting lost in palaces and fantasise about living there , this ones worth the visit! apart from the palace , the town itself is extremely quaint and you can spend an entire day walking around! there are some great places to stop and have coffee or lunch near near the palace.

6)The city of Bath! good enough for a days visit! quaint streets and shops can keep you occupied from morning till evening! and of course the famous roman baths are something to look at!