New York City

One week in the Big Apple with my high school best friend! 

With Roshni!

Roshni has been  in New york for the last 6 years -ever since we graduated and we’ve been planning this trip for the longest time! The time was finally here!! Unfortunately not everyone is on a gap year like me and they actually do something everyday called a “job” – that meant I would have to entertain myself during the day! Something I was more than happy to do! This is something travelling alone has taught me – its okay to sit at a café or a restaurant and eat alone! You don’t have to surround yourself with people constantly. The definite plus side to this is – You never have to share your food with anyone!!! An extra side of fries all for yourself? YES PLEASE! 
I have been hearing about Roshni’s friends for the last 6 years and was finally going to meet them! Who were these people who called MY best friend THEIR best friend?! (hahah) I had to find out! Regina,Josh,Tom,Irene,Rachel, Brett and Andy! They were so great and made me feel super welcomed!! 

Cupcakes with Kevin!

Walking around alone in the city can be a bit overwhelming – I had completely forgotten all the streets and avenues and got lost on multiple occasions. There’s always that initial anxiety when you get lost – which I’m so used to now and slowly it goes away! Unless it’s late at night and you have no absolutely no idea where you are – then I’d say – worry just a little!! 

Snow covered central park!

I love going old school when it comes to traveling – I prefer paper maps to Google maps and I prefer writing letters back home instead of emails. So it’s no surprise that I look very touristy walking around the city with a paper map and a backpack and with my mason jar instead of a to-go coffee cup. Its something not many people associate with and that’s where I find the beauty in it. 
This trip to New York I knew I had to catch another Broadway show – the last time I had seen Catch me If you can. I really wanted to catch my cousin Nikhil’s first Broadway show but it was all sold out! Instead I went and watched School of Rock! It was incredible. Children who perform in musicals are just SO gifted! It leaves me stunned each time! I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the city any time soon!

One of my favorite things about New york is the Natural History Museum.  Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to museums – so it wasn’t shocking when I spent almost 6 hours in this one!! They had some amazing exhibits going on – butterflies from around the world, outer space, Life in the Arctic to name a few. There’s always so much to learn from museums and its perfect that I got to do this one alone because there’s no way anyone would have had the patience to go through it as slowly as I did! 

The butterfly conservatory at the natural history museum! Find the butterfly on me!

Starry starry night!! 

The other great museum I went to was the Cooper Hewwitt museum. They had an interactive section, which was my favorite. You actually get to solve social problems using design thinking and then they choose the best solutions to put up on their boards. It was interesting to see how people would choose to solve issues such as informing people of their rights through different design tactics which would again be influenced by their individual values.
Apart from the museums, new friends, old friends and getting lost, the main thing that defined my trip to the city was of course the FOOD!! From the bagels and muffins from roadside carts, to delicious food from Wholefoods (my personal favorite – leave me in there for an entire day and I’d still be deciding what to eat) to dining next to John Legend at Ippudo!! Of course not on the same table but for the fun of it lets just assume that!

One completely new experience for me was seeing Daniel Skids perform live! For those of you who dont know him – he’s a Scottish comedian. His humour is extremely dark so be prepared! I loved his take on relationships and found it even more interesting when he said that a lot of people end their relationships after hearing him speak! 

I found it easier to avoid packaged food as I had traveled through the UK for two weeks before this and had trained my eyes (and my stomach!!) to look out for alternative options! 
Thank you New York for being so welcoming! Despite the freaky weather (CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!!) 
Thank you Roshni, Sukeshi and Dhruv for being wonderful hosts! 🙂

My small list of suggestions if you’re going to be in the city !-

1) Skip the unnecessary touristy shops trying to sell you crap you dont actually need. If you really do need to take back something for friends and family back take photographs – print them and give them as gifts. They’re more meaningful!

2) Eat eat eat. This goes without saying but had to out it in here. Little Italy has some great places.

Definitely one of my favorite dessert places! 

Best place for food!!

Amazing Ramen burger at the Brooklyn market – Smorgasburg!!! 

3) The best way to see the city is by either walking or cycling! Make use of the city bikes!

Walking along the high line!

4) Spend time, money and effort on collecting memories not things. Its easy to go to times squares and spend hundreds of dollars but I’d say – walk around central park and spend a few hours on reflecting and its a great place for some people watching too! Not in a creepy way obviously but simply because its interesting! 

5) From the 5 boroughs – Manhattan and Brooklyn are two of my favourites! Walk around these two and you’ll always find something to do

Brooklyn brewery!!! Definitely a must for someone who loves their beers. They even do free tours of the brewery!

Brooklyn fun!