Back in Boston after 5 long years! Unlike last time, this time I was going to stay in Framingham – about 30 minutes outside the main city of Boston with my FAVOURITE relatives – Hemu bhaiya and Sylvie and their dog Casper!

Family picture

find more info My two day trip got extended to 5 days and for good reason! The house I stayed in opened out into the forest at the back and we had deers coming in the mornings to say hello! We could go for long peaceful walks and Hemu bhaiya and Sylvie spoilt me silly with all the food!!! 

Taking a walk on the Wellesley college campus

 It was in Boston that I noticed the bulk section in Wholefoods and an entire section of beauty and health care which had non packed products (soaps, loofas etc). I was so happy to inform my family about the benefits of buying in bulk and reducing trash and was even happier that they were receptive and willing to change some of their ways. 

Soap in bulk at Wholefoods!

Bulk bulk bulk!

I remember from my last trip how much I had enjoyed Quincy Market and really wanted to go again! Though this time the market didn’t have its old charm- it was full of mainstream shops and didn’t really do much for me! Thankfully we weren’t far from Little Italy! We went there and gorged on some Cannolis (Okay and some other desserts as well! 😉 )

I spent one night with Manu, Meera and their adorable daughters! And their cat who scared me to death by jumping near me at night! We had a great time bowling and playing pool and the next day went to browse through shops at Wrentham (which is a shoppers paradise by the way)

With Manu!

Boston was the much needed get away from the fast city life I had been leading for the last 3 weeks!  

And now it was time to hit continent number 3! South America here I come!!!

Thank you everyone for hosting me and making me fat with all the yummy food!! I’ll be back soon!!! 😉