The Drake shake or the Drake lake? IAE Part 2

It was the day we had to fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and board our ship to Antarctica!

The alarms that Maggie and I had set never went off in the morning. We had to meet everyone for breakfast at 5am and the buses were leaving for the airport at 6.30am. At about 7am our phone rang. It was the reception! If we were not down in exactly two minutes the last bus would leave without us. I have never been in such a frenzy in my life! We grabbed what we could and ran down the hall! undergarments, socks and toiletries flying along with us!


Maggie and I were highly disappointed in ourselves (and our phones for not working!!!) but once we were on that bus we told each other it was a fresh start and the expedition from this moment on would go off smoothly!


Ready to board our flight to Ushuaia

Or would it?!
We finally boarded our plane to Ushuaia (After getting disapproving looks all morning from everyone in the group). We were on our way to the southern most city in the world! According to the schedule we would have a few hours to explore the city before boarding the ship. Knowing our luck- the plane had to make an emergency landing in Puerto Madryn to refuel!


We finally reached Ushuaia about an hour before our ship was scheduled to leave! Phew!!

The southern most city in the world!

Now the next thing to worry about would be crossing the famous “Drake passage”. To get to the Antarctic Peninsula our ship would have to cross the most dangerous sea passage in the world. This is where the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern oceans converge. This is also the passage which has wiped out a lot of voyages. The expedition team told all the members on board to take their sea sickness pills in advance!



Our home for the duration of the Voyage!

Would we experience the “Drake Shake or the Drake lake” ?!