Argentina : Mar Del plata and Tandil

visit this web-site After the expedition I had about 10 days in Argentina and had planned absolutely nothing! coming back from Antarctica was like coming back from another world altogether. It was difficult to adjust to the noise, people and pollution. I decided to go to the bus stop in Buenos Aires and take the first available bus to anywhere! 6 hours later I found myself 400km away from the capital in a beach town on the east coast called Mar Del Plata! I had no where to stay, I was alone and hadn’t eaten in hours! thankfully the people in Argentina never let me down! I became friends with a friendly woman on the bus and she guided me to the best hostel in town. I reached Che lagarto Hostel and was welcomed by extremely friendly ladies at the reception! The hostel was a 5 minute walk from the beach and was surrounded by little cafes and bakeries. I had no idea how long I would stay for but I knew I didn’t want to leave anytime soon! I unpacked and decided to go for a late night walk! The first walk in a new place can always be a bit scary but soon every place begins to feel like home. I shared my room with 3 other girls. 2 from Buenos Aires and one from Brazil! communication was never really an issue because smiles and body language are more or less universal! I spent the next few days lying on the beach. I often found my mind wandering back to the icy cold days in Antarctica and there were moments when a chill would run through my spine just thinking about the sub zero temperatures. while Antarctica was on my mind – my body had a different experience altogether. 4 days on the beach and I was sunburnt head to toe! It was time to move on and head to the next stop! My mind and body were completely at peace and felt nourished with the vitamin “sea” I had taken in. Too much of one thing is never a good idea, and so I packed my bags and headed to the bus stop once again. Where to now?

After almost a lucky draw pick I ended up in a town called Tandil. It was roughly about 200km away and took a few hours to reach by bus. I arrived around 9pm and once again had no place to stay! thankfully my lonely planet came to my rescue! I reached Hostel Serrano and to say the least – I was disappointed. From a messy common room to dirty dorms with lumpy beds it wasn’t what I expected. Not to mention – there were no other guests! if it hadn’t been late at night I would have definitely left and found a better place to stay. unwillingly I unpacked for the night and went to grab a quick bite around the corner.

Tandil is a town not too far from Buenos Aires and is known for quite a few things – the falling rock, for being the birthplace of many famous personalities – including the current president of Argentina and of course the hills that surround it. People often go there for day hikes and camping! Though I absolutely hated the hostel I was staying in I decided to stay on a few days and explore the hills nearby. The number of empanadas I ate during those 3 days was enough to turn me into a giant empanada myself! Tandil is also a town very famous for its meats and cheeses! Thankfully you can burn off all the calories while hiking.

Its been about two months since I was there and my memory isn’t that great so Ill let the pictures do all the talking now!

But before that – I want to mention one thing. Sometimes its amazing to not have plans and just go with the flow. Some may call it silly and a waste of time but my unplanned 10 days in Argentina will definitely go down as one of the highlights of my amazing gap year!

Mar Del Plata. Don’t be fooled by this picture. It looks like an empty, deserted beach but its actually one of the most crowded beaches in the country! specially during peak summer season. I was able to take this picture early in the morning before the crowds came in!


Beach essentials


Soaking in some vitamin sea





Taken on one of my hikes in Tandil


View from the top! Hiking in Tandil


The only nice part of the hostel in Tandil! The dining area!



Exploring Tandil


Taking the path less travelled



Cheese and Meats in Tandil!


The cutest cafe in Tandil!



Cups for drinking Mate!!! Traditional cups are made from gourds